Reflexology is an ancient method of activating the body's inherent healing abilities. It is both an art and a science involving thumb and finger techniques working the reflexes and zones on the feet, hands and ears believed to correspond with all the organs and systems of the body to bring about homeostasis. The feet are more commonly used in reflexology than other parts of the body because their reflexes are more responsive.

The effects of regular reflexology sessions are cumulative. A session is one hour long during which, the client will be comfortably reclined with only shoes and socks removed.

Effects and Benefits of Reflexology

With ever increasing levels of stress in our lives, it is important we take more responsibility for our own health care needs. Reflexology is a truly holistic therapy treating the cause of a condition as well as the general symptoms.

For those individuals diagnosed with specific medical conditions, reflexology can facilitate healing when practiced in conjunction with sound medical advice from a qualified physician.


60 minutes ~ $60

combined with Swedish Massage 90-min session $85
combined with Massage Cupping 90-min session $95

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The below is an excerpt from Footprints for Health: Incorporating Reflexology into Your Life by Shirley Vanderbilt

Originally published in Body Sense magazine, Autumn/Winter 2004.
Copyright 2004. Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. All rights reserved.

Fancy Footwork

Kevin Kunz [author of eight reflexology books and codirector of the Reflexology Research Project]  emphasizes the importance of making reflexology a part of your life. Consistency is key if you expect results, and foot homework is a low-cost, efficient way to extend the benefits of weekly sessions with your reflexologist. With the availability of self-help books and foot stimulation devices, doing footwork at home, between professional treatments, can be easy and fun. The techniques can be practiced even while you're busy doing something else. You can purchase devices such as foot rollers for use under the desk, but even inexpensive homemade devices will do, Kunz says. "You can put a golf ball in a sock, tie it up, and you have a roller. Anything to cause stimulation has a beneficial effect."

Reflexology is also a safe and effective technique for infants and children, soothing their emotions and promoting sleep. Naturally available and noninvasive, this approach can enhance communication between parent and child and aid in developing the child's physical awareness. The Kunzes' book, The Parent's Guide to Reflexology: Helping Your Child Overcome Illness and Injury Through Touch, provides step-by-step instruction for foot and hand reflexology, along with charts and structured routines. Whether it's a case of sniffles, a fussy toddler refusing a nap, or an upsetting emotional crisis, you can have first aid at hand.