Contrary to what it may sound like, Brazilian toe massage is not having your toes massaged or being massaged by toes. It is, however, a type of healing art that came out of Brazil and has a great deal more in common with acupuncture or reflexology than with massage. Based on healing through meridians, Brazilian massage focuses on very light touches in which the practitioner holds the toe between two fingers while manipulating the chi in the body.

feetBrazilian toe massage helps to release excessive energy trapped in the organs by increasing the flow of energy into organs whose energy stores have been depleted or are undercharged. There are six energy meridians in the body that run from the organs to the toes. By holding the toes, the massage therapist helps create a circuit of chi energy from their own body to the person receiving the treatment, which, in turn, influences their organs.

During a typical Brazilian toe massage session, the client is comfortably reclined with only shoes and socks removed, eyes closed and palms facing upwards. When the session begins, the massage therapist lightly holds the tops of both middle toes with their middle fingers and thumbs. After three minutes have passed, the massage therapist moves onto the next toe for three minutes, and so on.

Brazilian toe massage is used for maladies as varied as insomnia, aches and pains, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Some of the benefits of Brazilian Toe Massage include:

Most people are so relaxed that they fall asleep about half way through the session, and report they had less aches & pains after receiving a Brazilian Toe Massage.

A great way to encourage profound healing to the body in less than 30 minutes. The session can be done on it's own (20-30 minutes) or added to a massage or reflexology session.


one session $30

added on to a massage or reflexology session $20

Ask about pre-paid multiple session discounts.

Gift certificates available.

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