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nukkles gift pack

nukkles gift set

Nukkles are one of a kind,
hand-held massage product that put the "power of massage in the palms of your hands." With its patented flex-technology, Nukkles contour to the body, allowing anyone to provide a deeply satisfying massage experience. Use Nukkles directly over clothing or on bare skin. Either way, one touch and you'll be hooked.

Includes "Complete Guide to Nukkles Massage" instructions.
Colors available:
Navy Blue (darker than picture)
transparent Green

Note: The Navy Blue Nukkles have a different logo printed on them.  It reads "love fingers" and "everyday touch someone with love"

$7.50 per set

(reg. $15 per set)

Qty in stock:
Navy Blue - 20
transparent Green - 19

nuzzles pet massager

nuzzles pet massager

Don't forget your best friend.
Pet massage has been shown to improve health, enhance bonding, and provide pure enjoyment for your pet. With Nuzzles, anyone can provide their pet with a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Don't be surprised if your pet greets you at the door with Nuzzles in mouth begging for more.

Several Nuzzles can be shipped together.  For example 5 or 6 will fit in a large padded envelope.

$4.50 each

(reg. $9 each)

Qty in stock: 14