A little history

Michelle Pash, LMP, CRMy interest in natural healing methods began in 1996. I continually research different methods to learn more about them and find what is right for me. I'm very passionate about using natural methods of healing and helping others learn more about them. I enjoy sharing this amazing work with everyone.

I truly believe that the body, on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - has the amazing capacity to heal itself if given the proper tools. I also believe everything we need is provided for us within nature: people, plants, animals, etc.

I absolutely love my business. It allows me to help others in a variety of ways: energy work, bodywork, essential oils, personal care products, nutritional supplements and massage tools. All healing in their own right.


With an open mind phenomenal things can happen!

2017 (May) - MCKS Pranic Healing Level I

2014 (Apr) - Contemporary Cupping Methods & Facial Rejuvenation - ICTA

2012 (Aug) - Myokinesthetic System Lower Body - Dr. Michael Uriarte

2011 (Dec) - Hot Serpentine Stone Therapy - Robert Sirch, LMT

2008 (Jul) - Pre-natal/Postpartum Thai Massage - The Naga Center

2008 (Apr) - Structural Relief Therapy Assessment and Integration - Taya Countryman, LMP

2008 (Apr) - Structural Relief Therapy for Torso, Lower Leg, and Foot - T. Countryman, LMP

2008 (Mar) - Structural Relief Therapy for Low Back, Pelvis, Hip and Knee - T. Countryman, LMP

2008 (Feb) - Structural Relief Therapy for Shoulder, Arm, Hand, and Neck - T. Countryman, LMP

2008 (Jan) - Basic Thai Massage Intern - The Naga Center

2007 (May) - Advanced Thai Medical Theory - The Naga Center

2007 (Mar-Apr) - Basic Thai Massage - The Naga Center

2006 (Dec) - Licensed Massage Practitioner (LMP) in the state of Washington

2006 (Jan-Sep) - Massage - Evergreen Center for the Healing Arts (ECHA)
Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point

2006 (Jan-Mar) - Reflexology - ECHA

2006 - Cranio Sacral Release Level I - ECHA

2004 - Raindrop Technique - Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE)

2004 - Vitaflex - CARE

2002 - Reconnective Healing Levels I, II, III - Eric Pearl

2002 - Second Degree Reiki - Sheila King, Reiki Master

2001 - Essential Oils and Raindrop Technique - Young Living Essential Oils


member ABMP


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