Essential oils are the aromatic, volatile, and often delicate liquids that are stored in the stems, leaves, fruits, flowers, seeds, and roots of plants. Unlike common vegetable oils, essential oils do not oxidize and become rancid, nor are they greasy. More often they feel watery and barely there.

Essential oils are nature's most unique and direct way to support all the structures and functions of the body - physical, mental, and emotional. They will enhance every healthy choice you make.

What can essential oils do for you all day long?

Menses Pain and Excessive Bleeding Treated with Essential Oil Massage

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Why is it so difficult to find pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils?

Cost - Because it may require several hundred pounds, or even several thousand
pounds of plant material to extract one pound of pure essential oil, it can be very

Quality - Because the vast majority of all the oils produced in the world today are used
by the perfume industry, the oils are being purchased for their aromatic qualities only.

Quantity - High pressure, high temperatures, rapid processing and the use of chemical
solvents are often employed during the distillation process so that a greater quantity
of oil can be produces at a faster rate. These oils may smell just as good and cost
much less, but will lack most, if not all, of the chemical constituents necessary to
produce the expected therapeutic results.



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